Pinky Pal – Martin “The Warrior” Warrillow

Posted at August 31, 2017 by @micheleIYPA

I first met Martin a few years ago through 4Networking, he was a freelance journalist, often under pressure, but aren’t we all?! A lovely man, not fat, seemed to have a decent lifestyle, but we never know what stress is in someone’s life. In December 2013 whilst crossing a busy street in Tamorth, Martin suffered a stroke, he also just missed being hit by a bus at the same time. The paralysis to one half of his body was instant and he used the “good” side of his body to crawl across the road to safety, where a local shopkeeper came to his rescue and immediately called an ambulance. Within minutes the paramedics were by Martins side and immediately recognised the symptoms of a stroke. Martin believes that his life-changing stroke was a direct result of working long, unsocia

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Adam Redshaw – The Geocaching Guy

Posted at July 30, 2017 by Administrator

  I don’t know about you, but before I actually met Adam, I had never heard of Geocaching, and yet it is one of the fastest growing outdoor pursuits worldwide! In a nutshell, Geocaching is an outdoor Treasure Hunt – and it’s fun! All you need to get started is a sense of fun and a smart phone. Download a Geocaching App and you’re pretty much good to go. The App will show you where you are and the location of the nearest caches to you, there are a number of free caches to get you started, however, if you get the bug, you can become a paid member and there are loads more to find! Once you find the cache it will contain anything from small toys, trinkets, pens, you will find they are hidden away and the container often camouflaged to make sure it is unnoticeable to p

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Doug D’Aubrey – Executive Training and Consultancy

Posted at June 29, 2017 by Administrator

I’m a massive believer that every business owner needs to have a mentor or coach to work with them. Over the years we have worked with different coaches and each time made some progress. Over the last two years, working with Doug D’Aubrey of Executive Training and Consultancy we have grown the business by 112% and that’s not all! I have known Doug for over eight years, however, the time to work together was right in July 2015. We were struggling terribly with cash flow, stuck on 85 clients and unable to grow due to space constraints working from home. Doug talked to me about my goals, both for the business and personally, then he went away and came up with a three-year plan. The last two years have been a blast! We changed our cash flow situation overnight with simple actio

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Pinky Pals – June 2017

Posted at May 30, 2017 by Administrator

Linda Hill Fitness Holidays are important to us all, we have to take a break to recharge our batteries, but we also need to look after ourselves in between and make sure we are fit for those holidays, how do we do that? Please welcome Pinky Pal Linda Hill. I met Linda through networking, much of my job is sedentary and I have spent many years ether driving or standing on an exhibition stand in silly heels, before that  was in nursing at a time when lifts and hoists were barely heard of – the result? I have a bad back, my ankles are collapsing and my hip is well dodgy! When I first met Linda I was struggling to get up and down stairs easily, hiking, the exercise I really enjoy, was a thing of the past. What I love most about Linda is the fact that everything she does with me

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Pinky Pals – May 2017

Posted at May 5, 2017 by Administrator

The HR Dept Every so often you come across a real gem in networking and that’s exactly what happened to me a few years ago when I walked into a 4N meeting. At the time my HR consultant had just announced that she was retiring. I remember the meeting well, I was introduced to a lady called Denise Waite who ran The HR Dept Wolverhampton, she was fun, friendly and professional all at the same time. I got talking to Denise and arranged a 1-2-1 for later that week. When Denise and I sat down I realised she had the same matter of practical attitude as my retiring consultant and I just knew we would work well together – that must be four years ago now. Denise has worked with our business supporting me and my staff, helping create a great recruitment processes that means we hav

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