Rosie’s Roamings

Posted at August 31, 2017 by @micheleIYPA

  Rosie has been a bit stressed this month as she has been spending far too much time at work as Mum has been sorting accounts – this isn’t good for a little dog – it’s boring! So this bank holiday she has made up for it big style! Rosie knows that ensuring your owner gets enough exercise is important for keeping them healthy, so having got together with her best mate Rosie Two she had four whole days of walking planned. It started on the Friday with a lovely ten mile walk along the canal from Bratch locks to Compton and back along the old railway line. Time out in the country watching the two Rosie’s run and play is the most destressing thing for grown ups. Plenty of fresh air, exercise and laughing – what more could any human need? Saturday, Sunday and Monda

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Rosie in the Park….

Posted at July 30, 2017 by Administrator

  For those of you who don’t know, Rosie is a rescue dog, she spent the first four years of her life locked in a cage as a breeding bitch, never running in open fields, never having treats and cuddles, a sad life – but all that has changed! Back in 2013 Rosie was terrified to go for a walk, she wouldn’t even wear a lead without shaking, and spent hours on Cannock Chase, just standing still with her tail between her legs, then she slowly started to wander around These days there is no stopping Rosie, she loves nothing more than running across fields and has even been known to chase the odd pheasant or squirrel! One of her favorite places to explore is Attingham Park, it's a local National Trust Park and does allow off lead walking - although not near the deer! Ros

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Rosies Roaming’s – Networking

Posted at June 20, 2017 by Administrator

Rosie has had a busy month, she loves going to network meetings where she meets lots of new people, although she is pretty good and doesn't bark or jump up folk, and when the 40 seconds or 60 seconds are taking place, she will normally be found under the table having a snooze, so this month Rosie has enjoyed a couple of 4N meetings and even a BoB club meeting – she even went to the Polling Station to vote, although she didn’t look too impressed! More companies are starting to allow staff to take their dogs to work with them. Having a dog in the workplace has been shown to boost morale, increase productivity, and keep workers motivated. In addition, it provides staff with a reason to step away from their desks and get outside for a workday break. In our case, Rosie normally goes

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Rosie’s Roamings – June 2017

Posted at May 30, 2017 by Administrator

Rosie’s Roamings - June 2017 Rosie’s Roamings in Cornwall. Well, Rosie has been on her holidays with her best friend “Rosie Two” the Jack Russell. The two Rosie’s couldn’t wait to get in the car on Saturday to go to Cornwall and because it was such a good trip down, they managed to get an hour on the beach as soon as they got there! The first full day of the holiday the two “Mums”, Chele and Auntie Tina picked an eleven-mile walk, now in doggy terms that means about thirty miles! It was a lovey sunny day, but unfortunately Rosie over did things and made her paws sore ☹. A trip to the local pet store we managed to get Rosie some cream for her paws and a set of pretty socks! Tuesday was a very foggy day however Rosie donned her socks, which were then covered in

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Rosie’s Roamings – May 2017

Posted at May 3, 2017 by Administrator

Rosie’s Roamings - May 2017 Well our Rosie has had a busy month, she has attended a few client meetings and done lots of walks, her favourites this month were her day at Attingham Park and a walk around Bluebell woods. For any local dog owners out there, Attingham Park is beautiful. It is a National Trust property just outside Shrewsbury with beautiful walks, there are a few areas where dogs can be off lead, although the majority is on lead. If you have any favourite walks, please do share it with us, you never know that might be next months walk of the month! The move has been an exciting time for Rosie, lots of new things to explore! She has decided the best place for her is in my office, under my desk! That is until someone comes in, our Rosie does like to meet and greet. The laun

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