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Creative Industries at I’m Your PA

Imagine that you’re working on an important project with a tight deadline. The client is pressing you because a lot depends on your work being tip top.

Then the phone rings. It could be anyone. It could be the client, a prospect enquiring about a job that doesn’t matter for now or it could be your mother. Or your girlfriend or a mate that wants you to go out for a drink tonight.

You won’t know until you pick the phone up. And by then, you’ll have lost your train of thought.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll help you run your business, so you’re not interrupted, and your flow isn’t broken.

  • We’ll make sure you never miss a call when you’re working, even on a Saturday morning.
  • Your callers will never get a voicemail message. If they are, we’ll make sure calls are returned by the end of the same day.
  • We’ll make or reschedule your appointments when you’re with clients or on the road.
  • We’ll follow up email or website enquires quickly to make sure you stay on top of your enquiries.
  • We’ll produce your quotes and invoices when you need. We’ll also chase the outstanding ones and improve your cashflow.
  • If you don’t already have one, we’ll build you a Customer Relationship Management system so you can track your leads and sales more effectively. And we’ll make sure it’s used.