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Rosies Roamings – The Story Of A Rescue Pup

Rosie and I have now been together for 4 years, she is my first ever dog and has taught me so much. As a rescue dog who had been caged for the first four years of her life, she came to me very frightened and definitely not house trained. The first few weeks were the...

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Rosie’s Christmas Roamings

Rosie had a really exciting run up to Christmas as she was involved in the Olive Circle Foundation “Give A Gift At Christmas” campaign. Many of you know we don’t tend to do Christmas presents and cards from work, instead we donate to the Olive Circle Foundation who...

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Rosie’s Roamings

Rosie is getting so excited – it’s nearly Christmas! All the Christmas trees are up at home and the work ones go up this week. Of course, this time of year brings Rosie her a whole lot of other fun. As you know Rosie is a pretty cream Cockapoo, perfect for walking...

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Rosies Roamings

  Rosie has had a fun couple of weeks, with Jojo being on holiday she has been with Mummy in the main office, and is always happy to help! They reckon having a dog in the office is a good thing, it might be even better if she could answer the phone or type!...

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Rosie’s Roamings October 2017

Rosie’s Roamings October 2017

Our Rosie has been off on her jollies again! A whole week in Wales with her Mum, Auntie Tina and best friend Rosie Two, the little Jack Russell. Now if Mummy and Auntie Tina clocked up sixty miles in six days, you can imagine how far the two Rosie’s ran! We hired an...

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