A bit about Michele!

Michele Ibbs has been known as “The Networking Queen” for some years now. Having first started networking back in 2007 when she founded I’m Your P.A., Michele networks nationally with 4 Networking and BoB Club. Previously Michele has worked as and Area Director with BNI and a team member of the Property Investors Network. Networking is an art Michele has a real passion for, when used correctly networking can give a massive return on investment. Networking should be fun, it is net WORK not net-sit or net-eat and effort has to be put in to it to build those all important profitable relationships. Michele loves to share contacts, support fellow networkers and teach those all important networking skills that have helped her to develop I’m Your P.A. If you need support in developing your network, why not take a read of some of Michele’s articles – or even drop her a line or a call. A chat with The Networking Queen could make a massive difference in your networking experience


Networking – your lifeline!

Posted at August 31, 2017 by @micheleIYPA

When I first joined a networking group it was with one intention only – I needed clients! Little did I know that networking really would be a lifeline to me. A few months ago I wrote an article about how we had used the services of 15 networkers to help us in the move to the new offices, they all took stress away from me with the move. Over the years I have seen people rally round when a member has been taken ill, family tragedies, near business collapses, desperate need of new clients, the network stick together like an extended family casting their net of support. Recently Mark Northall, Regional Leader of 4 Networking did his 1000th meeting and brought out a new 4sight to commemorate it, in the 4sight he talks about the fact he has more reliable friends now than at any other

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Supporting Each Other – It’s far More Than Just Business

Posted at August 3, 2017 by @micheleIYPA

Many people go into networking just looking for new business, but there is so much more to it. The network can be the main place you go to for suppliers, support, friendship, advice, For me, one of my networks, in particular, has helped me through a lot over the last few months.

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Supporting Your Local Community

Posted at July 30, 2017 by Administrator

Networking is all about supporting each other and this month we are mainly focusing on getting outdoors – so where’s the link? It’s simple really, whilst you are out and about, taking time out for you, walking the dog, geocaching or just out with the family – I want to ask you a favour! There are so many small businesses out there who rely on us to walk through their doors, so do it! Take a look at your local butcher next time you are having a barbeque. I recently bought meat for 36 from our local butcher Garbett Butchers (www.garbettbutchers.co.uk) it is all locally produced and the burgers were steak burgers, the sausages were all gluten free, there were marinated pork steaks and chicken kebabs, plus all the bacon and sausages for breakfast – a fabulous feast! Cost from

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Can you grow a business by networking? Hell yes!!!

Posted at June 20, 2017 by Administrator

When I started out as a Virtual Assistant back in 2007, I had no idea how I was going to get clients, then someone recommended that I should try business networking - and ten years later, it's about the only consistent marketing I have done! There are many tricks to making business networking work for the small and micro businesses and I would like to share a few. Firstly I believe you need to work on the assumption that no-one in the room wants to buy from you. Once you start to think like this, you stop selling to the room and appearing desperate! Just help people, get to know them, like them and trust them - they need to do the same with you. It's all about building relationships. Secondly, I believe you need to make a list of the connections you want to make - at least ten o

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Who Networks On Holiday?

Posted at May 30, 2017 by Administrator

Who Networks On Holiday? Business networking is just for business – isn’t it? Nooooo! I have so many stories surrounding networking and holidays, BNI colleagues who were helped home during the 2010 Ash Cloud disaster, 4N members who use their “4N Passport” the other side of the world in Australia. BoB Club members who use their network across the world to find out the best places to go. Networking is so much more than meeting for a meal or drinks to try and drum up a bit of business, it is all about building relationships and these can be business and social. 4 Networking advertises that it’s network is 50% business and 50% social – and it works! Over the years I have been networking I have visited so many different networking groups whilst I have been away fro

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Does Networking Really Work?

Posted at May 5, 2017 by Administrator

Well having told you all about our new offices, I would like to let you in to a secret as to how we managed to pull it all together so quickly once we had the completion date - networking! Completion was all executed by Andrew Wynne of FBC Manby Bowdler the solicitors represented in my 4Networking group We knew what we needed to do following the incredibly detailed survey by Integrity Surveying - David Powell is in my BoB Club Peter Hepwood of the Window Store replaced all the windows, Andy Grove and his team from Brookside Builders constructed all the partitioning, whilst Sean Tarling of Tarlink Installations - all connections through BNI John McAleer of Redpoint Fire Safety carried out the fire safety for the building and got everything up to scratch, Mark Wilkins of D&am

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